• Genuine Fox Call

Fox Call UK.

Our fox call has a unique design and could not be easier to use to create authentic sounds to attract predator foxes. 
The fox call is easy and simple to use. Being just 89mm x 15mm, it is small and compact and can be stored almost anywhere so it's ready for when you need it. 

To use it, simply hold the call between your teeth, keeping it in place by using the tiny ridge as shown in the picture above, and blow. It's as easy as that. Being controlled with just your mouth, it keeps your hands free so you can concentrate on holding your gun. 

However, unlike some other fox calls, this one has a variable sound. By biting down on the call, you are able to vary the pitch to make the sound more authentic, and guarantee you the results you want. You simply bite down harder to gain a higher pitch, and loosen your grip to produce lower tones

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Genuine Fox Call

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